District Grades Max Speed Avg Speed Type; Dry Creek Joint Elementary : KG - 08: 1 Gbps: 251 Mbps: Cable, DSL, Fiber and Fixed Wireless: Roseville Joint Union High : 09 - 12: 1 Gbps: 235 Mbps: Cable, DSL, Fiber and Fixed Wireless: Roseville City Elementary

Residential Plans | Wireless Internet - DigitalPath Residential Internet Service Plans in Northern California. Our high-speed, wireless internet is a reliable choice for residents of Northern California! Our wide range of plans make it easy for you to find the perfect one for your use and budget. SPEED TEST for broadband Internet connection - speedtest.ph SPEED TEST for broadband Internet connection. Speed Test is the best tool for Internet connection speed measurements. This platform provides you accurate and reliable engine for your network diagnosis. The engine first selects the best server for you to achieve the best possible results. MySpeed Speed Test Alert! Your net speed is above 200 Mbps Please Try Our Turbo Speed Test. No Connection. DOWNLOAD SPEED 0 Mbps NETWORK DELAY 0 Ms. 0 1 2 5 10 20 50 100 200. DOWNLOAD SPEED. 0 1 2 5 10 20 50 100 200. UPLOAD SPEED. UPLOAD SPEED 0 Mbps NETWORK RELIABILITY 0 % ISP. Select Server Singapore India France

Jul 15, 2020

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DigitalPath is ranked #65 of the largest provider in the U.S., in terms of availability to customers. DigitalPath offers Internet service to approximately 2,178,262 people in 180 cities over 1 states.. DigitalPath offers Internet service via the following technology: Fixed Wireless Internet Mental Speed Test - Version 1 | Psychology Today