In terms of domain name, there are no built in utilities, no. You can get the name of a host (but not the domain name) by using getCanonicalHostName() on InetAddress - that should work. The best answer here linked to the DNS Java project, which will get you the domain name.. Example code to connect to, and get the host name from, one of Google's servers is given below:

Dec 17, 2014 What is Domain Name Resolution - BleepingComputer When you enter a domain name in an application that uses the Internet, the application will issue a command to have the operating system convert the domain name into its IP address, and then web hosting - change the static IP address to domain name You have to do two things: Create A-record with name 'www' in your DNS zone, which points to your IP; Review your website/webserver settings and add as host name for your site (as soon as single web server can host multiple sites - it must know which name[s] are bound to each site); And you have to wait some time as DNS data refresh over internet - from 1 hour to 24 or even Domain IP Lookup Tool, Convert any domain into IP address

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I'n not sure exactly what you're asking, but if you just want to know how to look up a domain name associated with an IP address, you can use dig -x to do a reverse DNS lookup: $ dig +short -x Free Domain to IP Converter Tool | Convert URL to IP