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The Most Destructive Malware of All Time | OPSWAT According to Virus Bulletin’s May, 1999 virus prevalence report, macro viruses accounted for 90% of all reported infections. One such infected document came to me in an invoice from an antivirus company! 3. CIH Virus - 1998. The CIH virus, also known as the "Chernobyl virus", was named after the initials of the author of the worm, Chen Ing Hau. Type of Computer Viruses (Names and Definitions On running the programs, the virus would be activated, then be able to carry out its damaging effects. Most of the existing viruses are in this category. Boot viruses: This virus infects the hard disk’s or floppy drive’s boot sector. This would make the computer unable to boot. First Known Computer Virus. What is the most damaging computer virus you can get Dec 07, 2008 "WannaCry" ransomware attack losses could reach $4 billion

Five of the Most Harmful Computer Viruses in 2018 Just as technology continues to evolve, so do the computer viruses that ill-doers create. This article is going to take a look back at some of the most harmful computer viruses 2018 has seen, as well as an explanation as …

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