[HowTo] - Windows IPSec VPN without 3rd party IPSec client

Solved: 64 bit VPN Client - Cisco Community Due to popular demand, the Cisco VPN Client v5.0.7 open beta is now available! In addition to serving as a general maintenance release, the Cisco VPN Client 5.0.7 beta is compatible with Windows 7 & Windows Vista 64-bit environments. A 64-bit specific compatible image is … Windows Vista Client Based VPN Client Overview Windows Vista Client Based VPN Connectivity Details & Instructions VPN Client Overview The VPN Client on a remote PC works with a Cisco VPN device on UMDNJ’s private network to create a secure connection over the Internet. It uses Internet Key Exchange (IKE) and IP Security (IPSec)

Solved: Problem setting up l2tp/ipsec vpn - Cisco Community

Select Network and Sharing Center, on Windows Vista. Select Set up a connection or network. Step 2. Click 'Connect to a workplace,' to create an L2TP VPN connection on Vista. Select Connect to a workplace and click Next. If you are asked to connect to an existing network, select No. Step 3. Connect to Virtual Private Network using L2TP. Cisco VPN Client Compatibility

My company uses IPCop to configure it's VPN. We have an IPSec script that runs on Windows XP to open a connection using a security certificate for authentication. Microsoft totally changed things around with Vista, and our script no longer works. Has anyone set up a Vista VPN connection, specifically to connect with IPCop on the other end?

SonicWALL VPN - Failed to Open IPsec Driver 5. Reinstall the Global VPN Client software. If you are using Windows 7 then follow these steps: 1. Install the Global VPN Client 2. Reboot 3. Open device manager 4. Click "View", then "Show Hidden Devices". 5. Expand "Non Plug n Play Drivers" 6. Open the SonicWall IPSec device and set startup type to Automatic 7. Click Start to get the driver