Dec 11, 2018

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3 Things to Consider Before Hiring a Privacy Officer

A federal law passed in 1996 to protect privacy and other health care rights for patients. The act helps workers keep continuous health insurance coverage for themselves and their dependents when they change jobs, and protects confidential medical information from unauthorized disclosure and/or use. security officer. You could PRIVACY OFFICER JOB DESCRIPTION - HIPAAssoc The privacy officer may have other titles and duties in addition to his/her privacy officer designation in a typical practice or organizational setting. In terms of HIPAA compliance, the privacy officer shall oversee all ongoing activities related to the development, implementation and maintenance of the practice/organization’s privacy

A good privacy officer runs the department like a successful CEO. S/he needs vision, execution, organization, candor with compassion and pragmatism. S/he needs to be in the right markets at the right time, to drive hard bargains—but not too hard—and to manage for the future, not the mirror.

So You Want to Be a Privacy Officer?