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How to Create a Shortcut That Opens the Printer. Printers use different profiles for their inks and for various paper sizes and document types. If you open the printer, you can see its status, adjust the printing preferences and see what's printing. To quickly adjust the printer's preferences and view its How to create and use custom shortcut icons on Windows for Dec 22, 2013 Create Wi-Fi Settings Shortcut in Windows 10

I want to know how I put a shortcut on my desktop with Mozilla Firefox. With google chrome, you click on the square menu on right hand top of page, click on tools, then hit create shortcut. With internet explorer, you can just right click on the page and select the option of creating a shortcut.

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Nov 29, 2019 · Open the Create Shortcut wizard by first right-clicking or pressing-and-holding a free desktop area, and then clicking or tapping on the Shortcut option from the New menu. In the wizard, type in or paste the web address of the page you are trying to create a shortcut to.

Nov 29, 2019 How to Create a Desktop Shortcut Dec 23, 2012 How to Create a Desktop Shortcut in Windows 10 - dummies You can create a shortcut for a brand-new item by right-clicking the desktop, clicking New, and then clicking Shortcut. A dialog box opens that allows you to select an item to place there, such as a text document, an image, or a folder. Then double-click the shortcut that appears to open the item. How do I create a Windows shortcut key? Dec 16, 2018