On your iPhone, go to your home screen and tap to open the App Store. 2. Tap the Search tab in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen, then tap the Search box near the top of the screen.

Devices can connect to your Mobile Hotspot using Wi-Fi. While devices are connected, you'll be charged for any data they use according to your monthly data plan. Many smartphones and tablets have a built-in Mobile Hotspot feature that you can access in Settings or the App menu. The feature may have a different name on your device, like Personal iPhone Personal Hotspot Not Working? Here's The Fix! Dec 18, 2018 How to use your smartphone as a mobile hotspot | Verizon

How To Connect a Computer To a Mobile Hotspot

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After 4 years I finally found out why the hotspot was so slow. Under Settings -> Celluar -> Celluar Data Options -> Data Roaming When turned off, and you connect to the iPhone hotspot, the speed is throttled by the iPhone to prevent data over-usag

Wi Fi Tethering How To Use Your Phone as a Mobile Hotspot Mar 06, 2020