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50 famous logos with hidden meanings | Canva – Learn The Kolner Zoo in Germany’s logo has a number of hidden symbols. In the contours of the elephant is a giraffe and a rhino, for starters. Hidden in the back legs of the elephant is the Cologne Cathedral, a famous local landmark. 49. IBM Everything you need to know about Google Chat | Zapier Mar 20, 2020 Google Pixel has a hidden notification light -- here's how Google Pixel has a hidden notification light -- here's how to enable it. There's a hidden notification light on the Pixel. Here's where to find the setting to enable it.

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A fine portrait with a hidden message. By National Portrait Gallery. National Portrait Gallery, Canberra. Gestures Captain James Cook was a distinctive man – tall, confident, somewhat reserved. Evidently John Webber, the painter, respected Cook's humane and disciplined approach to seafaring. The portrait emphasises willpower, but also Google Hangouts update brings new 'hidden contacts mode