On your Apple device, find the content you want to share over AirPlay, be it a video, photo, or song. Tap the AirPlay icon, in some apps you need to tap the Share button to find it. Choose the Apple TV or AirPlay device you want to stream to. There are two different AirPlay buttons, for video or audio.

Jan 31, 2019 Everything you need to know about playing music with AirPlay Choose an AirPlay device (or several) from this menu in iTunes. On an iOS device, tap the AirPlay button in Control Center, or in a music app, and choose a speaker; you can’t stream to multiple AirPlay Is Coming to Smart TVs. Here’s How It Works Jan 16, 2019

Jun 23, 2020

Tap AirPlay, and then tap the TV you want to stream to. The image or video will display on the TV. Note: If a code displays, you will need to enter it on your phone to make the content appear. Play audio from your iPhone on your TV with AirPlay 2.

How to Airplay in iPhone 6 & iPhone 6s 16gb 64gb 128gb

However, at least one forum post indicated that it may be necessary to enable AirGroup even with no broadcast filtering and with devices on the same VLAN. Fine, so i enabled Airplay, DIAL, and DLNA Media. No luck. So I issued 'show airgroup blocked-service-id' to see what's being blocked. How to secure AirPlay on HomePod | iMore How to control who can access AirPlay on your HomePod. You can set permissions for your AirPlay on your HomePod using the Home app. Launch the Home app on your iPhone or iPad Home screen. Tap on the Add Home button (looks like a location arrow), top right. Tap on Allow Speaker Access in the Speakers section. Tap on: Everyone to allow unfettered TCL on AirPlay-2 Enabled TVs: 'We Are Currently Committed Jan 11, 2019