Hi, I want to purchase an app in the windows store using my credit card. I found the section where I can add payment options. Which is all good and fine, the only problem is that I am unable to change the country for when I am entering my credit card information.

This problem has been annoying me for months after moving from the UK to Australia, then I finally found a workaround. If you have a Gmail account (it might work for other email providers as well) and the first part of your email address is dvided by a dot, then you can remove the dot and the email is still valid e.g. firstname.lastname(at)gmail.com works the same as firstnamelastname (at How to Change PSN ID & PS4 Username - Twinfinite Dec 18, 2017 Change Country - UNiDAYS Change country. Your student status has expired. Your student status will soon expire. Americas Anguilla Antigua and Barbuda Argentina Barbados Belice Bermuda Bolivia Brasil British Virgin Islands Canada Cayman Islands Chile Colombia Costa Rica Dominica Ecuador El … How to Change Your PSN Region on PS4 with a VPN

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Nov 21, 2014

Select “Country of Residence” and in the drop-down menu that appears select the region you want. Go down to the third option. Enter your date of birth. Creating a new PSN account on your PS4. Create a new user on your PS4 by selecting 'Settings', 'Users', 'Create User'. User Agreement - select 'Accept'. Create User - select 'Next'.

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