Soft & Hard Token Install and setup - Connecticut

4. For this step, have the security token ready. You will need to supply the following information. Credential Name: Type in a description of the token device such as: Home PC, Blackberry, iPhone, Android, iPad, key fob, etc…This is up to you. Credential ID: This is the fixed 12 digit code from the security token beginning with: AVTxxxxxxxx (key fob) or VSMxxxxxxxx (software token) Token activation code expiration | RSA Link Feb 03, 2017 Soft & Hard Token Install and setup - Connecticut

Sep 10, 2014

Aetna Unified Login Please use this form to log on to the system. The username and password you should use is your regular network 7-character ID beginning with A or N. NASA - WSTF VPN: Windows Instructions for RSA Tokens

Instructions for installing the VPN client on Windows, OSX, and mobile devices can be found on the VPN user guide webpage. Note: If you use a Duo Token/Code, you will have to type in your password and the code shown on the screen of the token or app using the following format: password,token (ex. BigSwoopingOsprey,652452)

The Rockefeller University - Information Technology Use the passcode to log in to VPN. (The RSA software token is available for iOS and Android devices.) If using a hardware token: In the 'Passcode' field on the VPN login screen, enter your PIN followed by the passcode displayed on your device (no spaces). The passcode displayed on the token automatically updates every 60 seconds and can only be Connect to the VPN Using an RP Laptop and an On Demand After the token code is issued, if you do not login within 30 minutes, the code will expire. When the code expires, another code will need to be created and reissued to you. 12. In the Token Code field, enter the token code that was sent to you and click Continue. 13. Next, you will be connected to the VPN on your computer, and you will see the Cookbook | FortiGate / FortiOS 6.2.0 | Fortinet