When it comes to administrative accounts, Microsoft’s tradeoff between security and usability is much better in Windows 7 than in previous versions of the operating system. However, by turning off Admin Approval Mode, you can force Windows 7 to keep all accounts that belong to the administrative group elevated to the administrative level.

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Best Ways to Reset Windows 7 Password with Command Prompt

Tips: How to log into Windows as built-in administrator? Only when you've enabled the built-in administrator account, can you log into it? Method 1: Start/restart your computer. Immediately hold F8 until you enter Advanced Boot Options. Choose Safe Mode so that your computer will boot into safe mode and get into the built-in administrator. Windows 7 computers has an in-built default administrator account also known as Super Administrator account, which can be used to reset the password of your original locked account. But this feature is hidden in Windows 7 and you will need to use the following steps to reset your computer password. You can easily overcome this by launching a program with “Administrator access” by switching to admin mode. By default, all programs do not get admin rights to protect PC from any un-authorized activity. Administrator mode in Windows 7. 1. Right click on program application icon & then click properties option. 2. Apr 12, 2010 · A Command Prompt allows you to run programs, manipulate Windows settings, and access files by typing in commands that you wish to execute. To start a Command Prompt you simply need to type cmd.exe